Song Registration / Copyright

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Our team has registered over 1,000 songs with various performing rights organizations. It’s our privilege to help protect the written and musical works of artists as they spread their message to the world.

Business Management

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A combination of book smarts and street smarts is essential to success in business. We has the foresight and knowledge accompanied with the connections to help you succeed. Our team has a plethora of relevant knowledge and boots on the ground to assist.

Bookkeeping: QuickBooks Pro-Advisor

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The most important part of any business is an accurate financial picture. With QuickBooks, we can provide online invoicing, mobile access, easy to read reports, budgeting, and a merchant services account.

Data Analysis

Data can be overwhelming, but we use analytical and logical reasoning and processes to gain valuable information used for better business decision-making. Having served as former U.S Army Intelligence Analyst, our business partner can handle the responsibility to Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Assess, Disseminate (F3EAD). Let us put our experience in targeting and data analysis […]