This program allows you to advertise your favorite brands on your website and social media, and either earn a commission on every successful sale or through advertising as an influencer at a fixed price. A quarter of this revenue is donated to Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organizations, which you also are able to choose, from local to global causes.

To make the mission happen, we simply take advertising/commission revenue and divide it up evenly in four quarters each:

  1. Non-profit/non-governmental organizations, local fundraisers.
  2. Your share for using from anything to studio time, new equipment, merchandise, or anything else.
  3. for ongoing fees and maintenance of ads, and acquiring new ad partners
  4. Investors who want to invest in you and your music career.

In other words, everyone wins, nobody loses. An all-around win-win solution.

This promise and mission are based on the belief that we can all exercise well in the world by simply doing what we daily do and love online anyway, without spending anything extra or any extra effort.  It does this by efficiently combining the top most favorite things of one of the largest growing target markets of all web users: entertainment, shopping, saving money, helping, and socializing.

Finally, your fans can help local and global non-profit and non-governmental organizations with the things they love and daily do online…without spending an extra dime.


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