R&B / Neo-soul singer Andrea Capozzoli serves up a powerful “Last Goodbye”

Massachusetts multi-talented performer delivers a message of standing up for yourself

TAUNTON, Mass. | May 1, 2020 – Singer-songwriter Andrea Capozzoli serves up a powerful message in her new R&B/neo-soul inspired single titled “Last Goodbye“. A message of empowerment and standing up for yourself is conveyed in a funky, groovy, delicious performance, highlighting her powerhouse vocals. The Deli Magazine premiered the track, complimenting her “velvety, assertive vocals” citing it as “a prime example of the ever-lasting power of R&B/soul” even in the modern age.

“ ‘Last Goodbye’ was inspired by watching a close friend go through a bad breakup,” shared Capozzoli. “All I could think about was hoping that it would be the end of that relationship because it was a toxic situation. In my mind, I was hoping this was her last goodbye. If you feel like things aren’t right, don’t stay because we all deserve happiness in a relationship.” The result is a powerful, moody deliverance of standing your ground, living your life, and knowing when it’s time to move on; an ode of vibrant independence and celebration, and a beacon of hope to those who remain in toxic situations.

A multi-talented vocalist, trumpet player, and songwriter, Capozzoli isn’t afraid to show off her talent whether in the studio or on stage, weaving seamlessly between soul, R&B, and jazz tunes. As an Assistant Professor in the voice department of Berklee College of Music, she helps guide young artists to find their own voice – both literally and figuratively – before embarking on their own musical careers. Named “Female R&B Artist of the Year” at the New York International Music Festival in 2004, she has gained respect across the scene for her energetic performances and dynamic vocals.

She gives a heavy nod of appreciation to her band, composed of Dmitry Ishenko (bass), Dave Ross (guitar), and Rob Mitzner (drums) who also produced/engineered the track. “I’ve been working with this same group of musicians for many years and they help the arrangements take shape and give life and vitality to the songs,” said Capozzoli. While she writes all the lyrics and music, she invites her bandmates to add own flavor and flair, both in recording and live performances. “Most times I like to work with an idea to create the main chorus or hook of the song when I’m in the lyric writing process. If you don’t have a good hook, you ain’t got shit.”

In celebration of the release, she also shared a peek behind-the-scenes, with a DIY-studio video to accompany the single.

“The producer of this track is my longtime drummer Rob Mitzner. He asked me to contribute a tune for his studio demo reel, so we recorded and filmed “Last Goodbye”. We ended up liking the song so much that Rob suggested putting it out as a lead-in to my next full length album. You can see how we tracked the drums, bass, guitars, keys and vocals. I think it really invites the audience to get an inside look at the recording process.”

“Last Goodbye” is out on all major digital retailers now, including SpotifyBandcamp, and Amazon Music. Capozzoli is finalizing a full-length album, planned for release later this year, continuing to showcase her unique blend of her RnB, neo-soul and jazz fusion vibes. Based out of Massachusetts, she regularly performs across New England, New York, and her hometown of Pittsburgh, hoping to schedule an east coast run of shows for next year.

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Soul/R&B and jazz powerhouse Andrea Capozzoli is a multi-talented vocalist, trumpet player, pianist, songwriter, producer and arranger, as well as the recipient of “Female R&B Artist of the Year” award from the New York International Music Festival. Originally from Pittsburgh, Andrea got an early start as a professional musician, studying classical and jazz voice, and trumpet. In 2009, Andrea wrote, arranged and produced her debut album entitled So Real, which spans many genres with its eclectic appeal. After receiving the Berklee College of Music Faculty Recording Grant, she recorded an LP entitled Lessons, featuring her arrangements of songs by Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Horace Silver. Her travels have included performances at the prestigious Beantown Jazz Festival in Boston, The Blue Note and Iridium in New York, and many festivals and tours throughout the US and Europe. She has opened for the likes of Sister Sledge and Jessica Simpson, and shared the stage with jazz and soul legends Slide Hampton, Bernard Purdie, Ronnie Laws and Erik Kloss. She also had the distinct honor of performing and arranging a gospel version of “America the Beautiful” for President Barack Obama in Washington D.C. Last year, she had the privilege of performing for honorary doctorate recipients Steely Dan at the Berklee College of Music Commencement concert. In addition to being an accomplished performer, Andrea is a faculty member at Berklee as an Assistant Professor in the voice department. Her specialties include jazz and R&B improvisation courses as well as sight-singing ensembles. Her new single “Last Goodbye”, drops in April, and she is hard at work on a full-length album which will be released in late 2020.

Photographer Stephen Kozowyk

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