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March 5, 2021

CocoPilots Releases “Abenteuer”

Abenteuer is a fun, little song from CocoPilots, bound to make you dance and forget about current worries; a feel-good, summer-vibe song with energetic and memorable lyrics! Available in their full-length album:

CocoPilots are a Reggae – World duo from Portugal and France. After meeting in 2017 in Southeast Asia and sharing their passion for music and travelling, they decided to quit their job, leave everything behind to follow the dream of music.

Today based in Lisbon, Portugal, they are quickly developing their presence in Festivals across Europe. They have already performed in 3 Continents and over 21 Countries.

In 2017 they released a home made EP. In 2020 they released their full length album called Follow Your Wild Dreams, recorded in France in an Earthship Studio.

Sari is the singer / songwriter and writes about equality, love and life in 5 different languages.

Shamo on the trumpet is a multi-instrumentalist using the loop station to create the full sound of a band.

Together they wish to spread happiness and good vibes around and to inspire people to “follow their wild dreams”, which is the name of their new album.

Are you ready for the adventure?

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