Planet Planet Planet

While 1000s die daily of poverty and disease, others waste and overdose, from one extreme to the other. When asked why this is so, nobody seems to have a satisfying or coherent answer. Every person knows of the unjust distribution of food, medicine and shelter, yet here we are, doing the same shit day in day out.

The bizarre decadence on one side, the utter pain and misery on the other. REAL pain and misery.

Some of us have the luxury of deciding to bear a child or not. Being hyped about the new automobile or phone. The new startup business or work of art just created in the new studio. Cheering fans at a ball game, sharing an ice cold beer with friends or complete strangers.

This should be EVERYONE.  A safe and cruel-free environment with enough to live a happy and fulfilling life.

This isn’t a political idea or a pro/contra of communism, socialism or capitalism kind of deal. This is fair trade and fair treatment of all women, children and men of the earth. Regardless of religious or sexual orientation, ethnicity or color. Free from any dictatorship or militant leaders.

Animals are killed for sport. Not one but often a whole species. What would it feel like to be treated like that as human? Is human the God you choose to be or aren’t we all creatures of a planet together? And if so, shouldn’t we, as most developed of species, be more careful of the consequences of how we treat this lovely planet and how we literally destroy and rob all its resources? Throw what is leftover, unused, and no longer needed into the “backyard” and into the depths of the “community pool”.

The wealth of the world could be shared evenly. No doubt. There’s more than enough for everyone and things can be done and worked out.

Alone what the rich countries spend on “defence” and spend otherwise could solve so much.

And yet, here we all are, doing the same shit day in day out. A fine toast.




Richard ist ein Musiker/Songwriter und WordPress Webdesigner. Er ist der Eigentümer/Gründer von Er liebt es zu reisen und Zeit mit seiner Familie, Hunden und Freunden zu verbringen. In seiner Freizeit findest du ihn manchmal eingeschlafen auf der Couch bei laufendem Fernseher.

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