DIY Web Design is DEAD

In regard to web design, let’s be clear. Doing it yourself needs to stop. Well, at least this is what we hear/read daily from people TANGLED-UP IN THE DIY COMPETITION:

  1. I’m not happy with the results
  2. I’m not very technically savvy
  3. My website is not unique enough/too generic
  4. I don’t have enough time/my website has an unfinished look
  5. I don’t have enough energy/I get too frustrated
  6. I have to look everything up/wait for an answer that I don’t always understand
  7. My computer just crashed and I lost all my data/work, etc.
  8. I’m still paying a monthly bill for something I am not happy with, because (one of the above)

So there you have it. And that’s probably not all. The time factor is probably the most popular one. The missing expertise, no matter how simple the product or platform looks or is marketed (or what popular actor is in the ad).

We don’t want you to be frustrated or stressed-out. Too much stress is just bad, bad, bad.

Let us create your website with:

  • A clean, high-quality & modern design for any industry or purpose
  • Our famous “mobile-first” approach
  • Optimized performance to communicate with your audience and drive traffic
  • Content placement upon delivery (texts, photos, logo)
  • Your feedback directly on the website during development
  • A/B testing of your landing page after development
  • Over 820,000 license free images to choose from
  • Optional 101 intro course to easily add content yourself once design is complete
  • Google search engine optimization setup with Google Analytics stats in your WordPress dashboard
  • Google MyBusiness setup if applicable

Contact us today at for a free consultation, or any questions you might have.



Richard is a musician/songwriter & WordPress web designer. He is the Owner/Founder of He loves to travel and spend time with his family, dogs & friends. In his spare time you can find him crashed on the couch with the TV running.

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