Web Design for Musicians Web Design for Musicians Web Design for Musicians

In recent months we have been glad to develop and design websites for musicians and DJs of sorts. With many music-makers and music-lovers in the team (LONG BEFORE doing what we happen to be doing now!), this of course was like a dream come true. A dream come true or a favorite branch and industry to design and work for, or probably both.

Here are some recent works:

And more in the works…!

If you’re a band or DJ, regardless of genre or country, send us an email mail@each.life to get your website started, complete with premium hosting and our famous “mobile-first” approach!

Remember, DIY is DEAD!



Richard is a musician/songwriter & WordPress web designer. He is the Owner/Founder of each.life. He loves to travel and spend time with his family, dogs & friends. In his spare time you can find him crashed on the couch with the TV running.

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