Moodshift has revealed their second original single of 2021, with ‘Heartless’. Following the success of the recent single ‘Touch’, ‘Heartless’ once again highlights Moodshift’s effortless ability to blend pop-friendly vocals with deeper house sounds. Although Lucas Nord, Oliver Nelson, and flyckt’s project is less than a year old, Moodshift’s latest shows their mastery over their individual sound and boundless potential. Having already worked with the likes of Dillon FrancisItaloBrothersKieszaBow AndersonMistaJamTobtok, and more on various remixes, the trio has made their impact known in such a short period of time.  ‘Heartless’ is now available for streaming across all platforms.


‘Heartless’ opens on a subdued melody, easing the track to a calm beginning. As added percussion and atmospheric synths enter the mix, ‘Heartless’ begins to fit the mold of a radio-ready pop track, complete with an ultra-catchy vocal hook. Suddenly, a bombastic bass hit announces a sharp tone change, immediately capturing attention and shifting ‘Heartless’ towards the club and house territory. Moodshift has defined their sound through these surprising dance influences, consistently riding the line between underground house and pop. ‘Heartless’ is another strong single for assuredly one of the hottest crossover acts in contemporary dance music.

‘When we made ‘Heartless’ we were coming off of a two-week stint of constantly writing and being in the studio until like 6 am together. We had just started Moodshift and were trying to get as many songs out of us as possible. We were really just in the zone and having a lot of fun with it!

‘Heartless’ was one of those songs that we finished in like 15 minutes and it just felt right – melodies, lyrics, everything! It also wasn’t one of those tracks where we went back and forth with production a million different times creating multiple versions. It just felt good from its original form.

At the time when we wrote it, one of us was going through that exact situation of holding on to something that was obviously not working out. Something I think too many of us have gone through, too many times… ’Heartless’ is a song asking the question to ourselves, ‘why am I holding on, when I don’t even want this?’’ – Moodshift


Moodshift is an indie electronic group composed of three very well-known DJ/producers who’ve been entrenched in the electronic dance music industry for quite some time. Featuring Swedish talent Lucas Nord, singer/producer flyckt, and renowned remix maestro Oliver Nelson, each diligent member would consistently contribute week-in and week-out to the now extremely popular SoundCloud-based Moodshift Monday Mixes. The trio gave fans what they wanted with the release of original productions, ‘Chemistry’, ‘What About My Love’, and ‘Touch’ which have been incredibly well-received, with over 3.2 million combined streams across platforms, in the span of a few short months.




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