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Massive Services for Today’s Music Artist
– from Management and Production to Marketing and Distribution.

Artist Services

Artist Consulting
You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

This is intended for those looking to SERIOUSLY increase their digital presence by obtaining professionally designed branding assets to really make the “WOW!” impression. Having a cohesive brand extends well beyond having a dope logo. This is your essence and the tangible elements of your art representing you visually and your story. They MUST resonate with your sonic aesthetics and be in direct alignment ALL AROUND! We cannot stress the importance of this. Are you ready to turbo boost your career?

Content Development
We help artists increase their ROI for content to build a successful career. Music artists can create their own content, but they’re not necessarily an expert at how to increase their return on investment with what they’ve made. Let our in-house and partner photo- and videographers, graphic designers, and content developers help jumpstart your career.

Music Business Management
Your goal as a creative should be to spend as much time perfecting your craft so that you can make the most authentic and quality music possible. It’s really hard to do without help, let alone find the help that understands how to be effective for you in your affairs. We can help create order out of chaos by ensuring your administration is on point, keeping a pulse on the health of your business.

We will assist with:

  • Merchandising
  • Licensing
  • Publishing
  • Gigs and Events
  • Radio Airplay
  • PR
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Web and Social Traffic
  • YouTube Monetization
  • ....

Web Design and Development

We develop WordPress friendly sites so that you are no longer subjected to terms and conditions of the social media platforms so many of you are pouring your money into and hoping for a result with paid ads. Please let us give you a domain you OWN so that we can help you optimize yourself independently in order to achieve the best results from your site. It should be the PRIMARY source of all communication to your fans with social media funneling traffic to YOU. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! We can’t market soon enough!

Music websites for bands, DJs, singer-songwriters, etc. Includes premium hosting and FREE online music distribution (optional).
$ 39
  • Or $390/yearly (save 2 months!)

  • Domain registration or use a domain you already own(1)
  • WordPress website for bands, DJs, singer-songwriters, record labels, podcasters, etc.
  • Design setup and tweaks (up to 6 pages), matched with your brand, music style, current album/tour
  • Content placement upon delivery (texts, photos, logo)
  • Amazing site-wide audio players included (up to 6 album playlists)
  • Advanced cloud technology optimized for WordPress
  • Automatic image optimization for faster loading speeds (not included anywhere else!)
  • Technical support & maintenance
  • Performance and security updates
  • All WordPress, theme and plugin updates
  • Free SSL certificate (secure site)
  • Malware protection
  • Blazing fast speeds
  • Daily backups - never lose any data
  • For high traffic websites
  • Uptime & security monitoring
  • Monthly reporting
  • Up to 2 email accounts with huge 25 GB mailboxes hosted separately (additional accounts $2/mo)
  • Cancel anytime(2)
  • 30-day refund policy(3)
(1)Domains are billed separately annually.
Prices vary, starting at $10 annually.
(2)Plan is automatically renewed unless cancelled
before the next billing cycle begins. Payments
beyond the monthly billing cycle are non-refundable.
(3)All data is deleted if cancelled within the first 30 days. Domains are non-refundable and are transferred to you, the owner, upon request.

FREE Exclusive Music Distribution


  • We'll get your music into iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and 150+ other stores & streaming services.
  • Keep 100% of your royalties, get paid monthly.
  • In stores 10-20x faster than any other distributor, at a fraction of the price.
  • Keep all your earnings—or set up "splits" to automatically route any percentage of earnings, from any track, to anyone.


  • Website has more than 8 pages?
  • Looking for customization work from the ground up?
  • Need special features and functions such as:
  • online shop, booking system, multilingual site, sliders, etc.?



Please let us know how we can best assist you in manifesting your vision. No matter what stage in the process you are in, we can help from the point of inception all the way through post-production. This isn’t amateur hour. We only have the highest level of professionals to ensure we give you something you love. Rest assured, we too are hungry and passionate creatives in this to win together! You will see how the procedure works upon contacting us. Let’s rock!


Songwriting and Music Production
  • Rock/Pop/Alternative
  • Electronic Music
  • Analog/Digital Hardware
  • High-end microphones
  • Sound booths
  • Suited for songwriters or bands
  • Reason Studios & ProTools
  • All major DAWs supported
  • Available booking for session musicians
  • Sound design, scores for film, advertising & gaming


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