Concept & Storytelling

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ART DIRECTION think crossmedia – advertising is an art form, and brands can become outstanding providers of media content. Advertising requires the simultaneous orchestration of specialized tools and infrastructures such as concept, storytelling, internet, media, creative, content and branding to achieve the best results. We deliver all services and solutions, from concept to production and […]

Advertising with a Cause

This program allows you to advertise your favorite brands on your website and social media, and either earn a commission on every successful sale or through advertising as an influencer at a fixed price. A quarter of this revenue is donated to Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organizations, which you also are able to choose, from local to global […]

Record Cover Design

Make your Single, EP, Album release stand out & pop with our Record Cover/Sleeve design service for either stream & download portals, CDs, Vinyl… OR all three! Personalize it with a professional photoshoot and an assorted cast!  

Customized music website & Merch shop

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We develop user-friendly sites so that you are no longer subjected to terms and conditions of the social media platforms so many of you are pouring your money into and hoping for a result with paid ads. Please let us give you a domain you OWN so that we can help you optimize yourself independently […]

Content Development

Let our in-house and partner photo- and videographers, graphic designers, and content developers help jumpstart your career.

Music Video

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Please let us know how we can best assist you in manifesting your vision. No matter what stage in the process you are in, we can help from the point of inception all the way through post-production. This isn’t amateur hour. We only have the highest level of professionals to ensure we give you something […]