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video streaming 5.0


From home office to event

We offer you the complete program in video streaming, which you need as a modern company – live broadcasts of events, video content productions for social media and branded content as well as the complete range of e-learning and video conferences.

We offer the same for your film and photo productions. Be there live from anywhere in the world (live streaming of production including cloud-based real-time delivery of content).

We give you the tools you need. With the help of our customized streaming offers you will positively change your daily work routine.

Hold meetings, trainings, seminars, coachings or keynote speeches online and organize them without leaving your office or home office. This reduces travel stress, saves time and also helps to reduce the Co2 emissions of the company.


Seamless combination and integration into existing infrastructures

  • Home office
  • e-learning
  • virtual classroom
  • video conferencing
  • Meetings
  • webinar
  • congresses
  • Live Streaming
  • Live streaming of film & photo productions
  • Real-time content delivery
  • 360 degree streaming
  • 360 degree location scouting
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