“Too hard for rock ‘n’ roll and at the same time too melodic for punk.” 

  • Heidelberg, Germany

Imagine the following scene::
Your satisfied bubbling V-8 takes you southbound down the highway. Bright blue sky and the landscape files unhurriedly past you. How can this day be more perfect? You turn the radio on and think to yourself “Staggin’ Rutt! This sound is gorgeous. What is that, pushing me into the cushions with a 3-G-force? “Too hard for rock ‘n’ roll and at the same time too melodic for punk.” Most important: no one is watching you right now. Your smile would definitely be contagious. is a great partner that helps to put music online, and everything you need nowadays, with a website that is very simple to use. We recommend them to literally anyone who's looking to put their music - their blood and sweat - online!
Staggin' Rutt
Rock / Punk Rock / Alternativ Rock

Design Notes: Great band (site) with all the necessary ingredients and a little extra spice. With an intro page celebrating the current album, a fullwidth audio player at the bottom of the page automatically rocking the first track, and an enter button to enter the actual site. As crazed-out music-fans, we love making these type of sites!

Includes an online shop for CD and Merch sales.

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