The Journey

The 3-Minute Job

If you see ads that proclaim you can build your very own individual, niche website in 3 minutes or less (some say less than a minute), go for it! Many who have been there will tell you that it’s pretty limited and often a pain to mess around with. (See also this post.)

Ok, the designs and platform or app features may look amazing, but you’re pretty much set on your own, and stuck with the given options that miss a downright brighter spectrum. It’s as if you’re creating a social media profile, which is only limited to its’ own standards. It could very much lack distinctive or significant personality. But if that’s all you’re after, mission accomplished!

From a technical viewpoint, you should be concerned with security and privacy. Hot topics in the Internet of today. If you’re using or are planning on using email addresses associated with your domain (website), these need to be hosted separately from your website. Secondly, your website needs to be isolated from any other websites. Both very important!

Lastly, the developers and operators of these apps, templates and services probably don’t care if your site looks good, where the trip is going or what hurdles you may have along the way. Most of their marketing is BS, anyway.

Even WordPress, the software we use for all our projects, sometimes has finished themes or templates that go nowhere quick, are difficult to maintain, or don’t deliver as advertised. The difference here though is, the system doesn’t dictate what you use to design your website.

With the right tools, WordPress is suitable for just about any design you can imagine, for any purpose or demand. Which is probably also the reason it accounts for over 30 % of the Internet in total and roughly 60% of all content management systems/web design apps combined compared to for example Squarespace (less then 3%), or WIX, Weebly or Jimdo (etc), that have around 1% market share. See this nifty table here. Or here. This in about a decade’s worth of time, of course.

The VIP Treatment

So if you’re not a fan of DIY, good for you. You’ve just taken the first step in an adventure you won’t want to back out of beyond it. For some it’s just a more convenient and satisfying direction.

If you’re ready for the long haul, and would like for us to take care of all aspects of your website — from technical to content and creative — then contact us today.

We’re ready for relationship-building, trust-building, finding a way on how we can make you and your visitors connect best. Think of it as a journey together.

We create all websites with WordPress exclusively, with premium hosting and our famous “mobile-first” approach:

  • Custom design, tweaks and suggestions
  • Tailored to match your needs and budget
  • For just about any purpose or demand
  • Content placement and updates
  • Monitoring of accomplishments and visitors’ interactions (or a series of set goals)
  • Ability to make shifts in direction accordingly
  • Always a fresh look
  • Separate, private email hosting
  • WordPress core, theme and plugin updates
  • Daily backups
  • Technical support

Did we already say it’s a journey together?

And it doesn’t stop there. This can extend to brand development, social media marketing and management, audio-visual promo, and much more, to accommodate your vision and goals.

Contact us today for a free consultation.



Richard is a musician/songwriter & WordPress web designer. He is the Owner/Founder of He loves to travel and spend time with his family, dogs & friends. In his spare time you can find him crashed on the couch with the TV running.

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