Digital Management

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COMPLETE DIGITAL MANAGEMENT FOR LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS. While everyone is going remote, we try to work locally within the community. From website & e-commerce management, to Google and social media services. Any business is viable if the marketing budget is adequate. Any time saved in the foundation of your business is more money saved for […]

Everyone’s Mobile. Why aren’t you?

Redefine your online business with native apps for both Android & iOS. We’ll convert your WordPress website into a native mobile app for Android and iOS: Tailor-made Real-time sync Social login Personalized app icon & splash screen WooCommerce (WordPress shop extension) with checkout and payment gateways Upload to the Play Store & App Store after […]


From private practices to hospital facilities, we are here to help you build and manage your healthcare website. Get found by your patients and make all relevant information easily accessible with a modern, Google-conform new website. Professional treatment naturally deserves a professional website.

Is your Website Ready for the Future?

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One-Woman Shows

We are committed to supporting businesses owned by women. Entrepreneurs, startups, and creatives: we are inspired by their clear vision, drive and dedication!     “Richard at has, over the last several years, designed, built, maintained – and then updated – more than one website for me. He listened carefully to the ideas I […]

The Restaurant Business

It’s a well-known fact that the restaurant business is very competitive and fast-paced. A modern, Google-conform website can make all the difference! Connect PDF menus to your QR table codes, connect your favorite delivery service, connect to new and returning guests and much more!

A Gooogle Search

Getting more visitors to your website and increasing their engagement is a continuous effort that requires all the right tools and implementation, whether you’re a local new business or a national brand.  Especially for startups, this includes setting up a Google My Business for mobile users to a website that meets all of Google’s most […]

Fajitas and Nachos, Asian Foods

Content marketing is of course about content and if you don’t provide for content that is of high quality, then most likely your content marketing campaign will fail creating a negative impact on your Google search ranking and social media marketing. Writing for the web is not a task to be undermined, with relevant keywords […]

WordPress & Elementor Coaching

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We offer WordPress & Elementor Coaching via Zoom, plus can do live updates via chat directly on your website if or when you are stuck or need inspiration for your design. Please schedule a consultation and we’ll be glad to assist!